Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Make Up Brush Cleaning

Cleaning your make-up brushes is so imperative. It does accumulate dust and bacteria and you definitely do not want that on your face. Every 2 weeks I do some deep cleaning with my brushes by using sanitizer mixed with Pantene shampoo and rinse it with water (preferably luke warm water).

I use the 2in1 Pantene (shampoo and conditioner) & it does really clean the bristles and make the brushes soft and smell good. Sanitizer helps clear out the bacteria, so you're sure your brushes are safe to use again.

Make sure to rinse your brushes thoroughly and check that there's no traces of product when you wipe it with a white cloth. Often times, we have this favourite brush to use with our foundation or blush. After using it, wipe it with wet wipes sprayed with alcohol so its safe to use the next day. In this way, your face is still free from bacteria and dust.

You can do this deep cleaning every week or every 10 days. But it is totally up to you ;-)

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