Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Kylie Burgundy Palette & Holiday Edition 2016 Palette


I have been wanting to get these shadows for quite a while now and finally I have them. I am really impressed about the colour pay off of these shadows and how little to none fall out there is. The packaging is bad ass (Like Kylie) but however, they are small. They did look big in pictures so I was really surprised when I received them. Nonetheless, they still rock!

These palettes are now definitely my fave and to be honest with you, you can carry these two palettes when you travel and you won’t be needing anything anymore (we know that statement won’t last though ;-)

Below are the swatches by fingers that I made from these palettes. Compared to Violet Voss holy grail, these are more pigmented. I still love Violet Voss holy grail as they have the colours I want that are not in these Kylie Palettes. I used my fingers to make the colour pop more. By the way, these shadows are really blendable and easy to work with. I am not sure why some people hate this palette, but to each his own :)

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Naked (satin finish golden sand), Beach (matte finish light warm brown), Penny (matte finish red orange) These colours are good for an everyday look.

LA (metallic finish true copper), Burgundy (matte finish bright red burgundy), Dubai (metallic finish burgundy) Be careful with the burgundy shadow as it has a little bit of a fall out. 

Brick (matte finish dirty brick), NY (metallic finish warm bronze), Almond (matte finish deep red brown). Again, be careful with Almond and brick as it has a little bit of a fall out. These colours are perfect for a night out 


Sugar Cookie (matte finish creamy warm nude) Frosty (metallic finish platinum silver)
Chestnut (matte finish muted dusty mauve) Sugar cookie and chestnut is perfect for transition colours

Mittens (metallic finish deepened mahogany red) Winter (metallic finish shimmering denim blue)
Nutcracker (metallic finish silvery plum) Careful with winter as it has a wee bit of a fall out.

Gingerbread (metallic finish shimmering silver bronze) Evergreen (matte finish deep teal green)
Silent Night (matte finish blackened plum)

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