Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ring Bun/Hair Bun Sleep-in Rollers

I know the bottom right is not my photo, but this is exactly how I did it except I used the ring bun :)

Wow! All I can say is, this ring bun is amazing. I have straight hair and its kind of hard to have my hair in a bun, and this is the answer to my prayers. I know some people would find this a tad big, but for me its just what I need and like. Easy to use and just did this in 5 minutes of my first try. The ring bun is also not that pricey and its durable and I believe it can lasts for a while. The braid plaits is in a form of a headband and easy to use and good quality. Over all, I am pleased about my purchase. xx


Fashion Ganache said...

Love the bun, super cute!
Fashion Ganache

Saima Abbas said...

Wher do u get this in dubai???


you can get it at Bloomingdales in Dubai Mall or http://www.sleepinrollers.com/ :)