Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Above: my wonderlust kelly van gogh spray. This stuff is amazing and leaves my hair looking shiny and healthy
Above: My bed head leave on conditioner.
Above: I use this to mend my split ends and use it everytime i wash my hair
Lee Stafford heat protectant spray I use this before using hot tools for my hair
Above pictures are taken off from google but I do use these products.

Right! Summer is definitely in Dubai and how much i dislike it. Simply because all you get is sand and humid. Its not like the summer from Miami or Cali. The worst enemy for your hair is the sand, humidity and heat of the summer. When I say heat, it can get over 50 degrees Celsius here in Dubai. Also, the water here is so strong that if you wash your hair everyday, you can get bald. SO I wash mine every other day but shower everyday ;-)

If you care about your hair then you must take care of it by all means necessary. In this post I will note down the important notes in how you can take care of your hair and show you what stuff I use for my hair after washing them.

* Its very important you condition your hair by using your favourite conditioner. You must start from the roots of your hair till half way as your scalp produces enough oil for and plus you dont wanna get bald easily lol. I use Pantene and Dove conditioner

* Make sure you use the right shampoo for your hair type. Spend some time in choosing your hair shampoo when you visit your local supermarket. I will stand in that section for about 20 minutes reading labels. Just for your curiosity I use Dove shampoo and Loreal Elvive for my damaged hair.

* After washing your hair make sure you use a spray/serum of any kind for mending split ends. It doesnt matter if you have them or not. Prevention is the key.

* Dont get the habit of blow drying your hair everyday as it will definitely ruin it. Thats why I mentioned I wash my hair every other day and not everyday. This gives your hair the time to breathe.

* Before blow drying your hair make sure you use a heat protectant. Its very important that you spray/apply this before using hair tools.

* Visit your salon twice a month for a hair treatment. Your hair needs loving too ;-)

* Trim the ends of your hair once a month so it could grow into a much healthier form. We don't want to see those split ends.

* Also, you can use a leave on conditioner for your hair, but make sure you apply it evenly and not too much as your hair could be greasy

* If you can, have your hair washed with cold water so your scalp will be relaxed. Trust me, it feels so good. (FYI, I only take cold showers)

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