Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Right! Summer is definitely back in Dubai and most of us will want to have that bronzy and golden skin tone and colour. Some of us do not have the luxury of sun bathing and getting that FAB tan. In this post I will discuss a few points in how to achieve good tan effect with the use of your bronzer.

The aim of bronzing is to make you look like as if you just came from a very relaxing and a nice holiday. Not like you just rolled in a bag of cheetos. Bronzer, especially in the powdered blush forms, is meant for skin that really has a slight natural tan-in other words, to ENHANCE what you already have. Using it on a PALE skin doesnt make you look TANNED- it makes you look like you have 2 big orange doughnuts on your FACE.

A true TAN have VARIOUS tones, because your skin doesnt tan EVENLY, with the nose and forehead generally tanning up to 2 shades darker than the rest of your face. Yet some women APPLY powdered bronze evenly (and often HEAVILY) all over their face, because they think it gives them more colour. Well it does-a muddy brown one.

So, here's how to bronze:

1. In a perfect world go to a salon and get a spray tan. And yes have your FACE tanned as well.

2. If you have PALE skin, dont use BRONZER straight on your skin. However if you must, mix a little with your blush colour. Women with pale skin should stick to peachy pinkish blushes, not brown, because the LATTER is too dark and heavy, making their skin look dirty.

3. Know your bronzing limit- choose a bronzer that is only a few shades darker than your natural skin tone. For example, if you have light skin, choose SUBTLE shades (such as the colour of bamboo); for MEDIUM skin, go for terracotta; and for DARK skin, choose deep tan shades.

4. If you're using a powdered bronzer, avoid PACHINESS by first lightly DUSTING your face with TRANSLUCENT powder. This will help with blending. However, if you wish to use a cream bronzer, just apply it directly onto CLEANSED skin or straight on top of your liquid or cream based foundation.


* for a light, even finish, always apply bronzer with a clean brush

*Be careful when applying a bronzer around your jawline because if you over do it youll look like you have a very deep shadow

*Don't use shimmery bronzers if you have EXCESSIVELY OILY skin or fine lines. Instead, opt for a MATTE version

*Make sure you BLEND your bronzers down to your NECK area-dont stop at your JAWLINE. Your neck is always PALER than your face because your CHIN shades it from the SUN.

*Before you apply a bronzer, add a hint of rose coloured blush to your cheeks to give a natural healthy look

*Check the SHELF life of a product

Last thing. Make sure you prep your skin very well before putting in any foundation and bronzer.

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