Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Eyebrows! (from Rae Morris's Book)

The chart guide for eyebrow rehab

Now, above pictures are the eyebrows you would want to achieve.

1. Everyone has different sized nostrils and noses, so your imaginary line must follow the natural line of the outer bridge of your nose. Got it? That is where your first brow hairs need to start. Then you can de-mono brow all you like on the other side of this line.

2. Now, from that bridge of line, draw another line that passes along the outer rim of your pupil and upwards. This is the highest point of any arch or height of the brow. This incline should smoothly follow the natural shape of your own brow. It's important to note that the arch isn't in the center of the brow-it is very much off-center, making the ey longer, sexier and with no surprised look.

2. Finally, again, from the bridge line draw a line to the outer corner of the eye. This is where your brow should end.

Type: the Triangle
These brows mean you're peaking too soon. By lifting the brow in the middle of the eye, you're causing a downhill puffy eyelids and distoring your eye shape. It make syour eyebrows look like arrows pointing at the sky. This is a very hard look

Type: The parting of the red sea
Wide set brows give you a blank expression and you look a lil alien-ish. In terms of features, they throw the whole face out of balance and they widen your nose like you would not believe.

Type: The Big M
The tadpole brows and the big M really doesnt have much of a difference. First, this is the opposite of sophisticated. Second, they add five kilos instantly-this is the best way to add weight (in a bad way) to your face. Third, they make your nose look bigger, and fourth they make your eyes look droopy

Type: The Tadpole brows.
Extremely unattractive. These brows do nothing for you and it just makes you look like a clown.

Type: Over plucked eyebrows.
Hairs have been tweezed to oblivion, and there's barely a brow to be seen except for a pencil line. In this type of brows, you've just aged yourself by ten years. Not to mention given yourself a puffy looking lids and a slight eye-droop

When it comes to facial features most women forget that eye brows are very important part of it. Get the shape right and you have an instant face lift effect. Get it wrong and it can cause all sort of problems. For instance, many women dont realise that their eyebrow shape can visually alter the look of their nose (for all the wrong reasons). What's more, the color of your brows can either harden your features or take years off.

Great Brows frame your eyes-they hold everything together and gove your features definition
and strength. Above are the kinds of eyebrows you do not wish to have on your face and also the eyebrows you would want to have. I am not saying I have a perfect eyebrows but they are in good shape and well maintained ;-)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Step by Step Skin Prep/Eye Prep

Most women do not know the importance of skin prepping before applying make up. I also am amaze on how some women do not know how to take care of their skin and their faces. So here is a step by step skin prepping before make up is applied.

Skin Prep
Step 1:
-Cleanse your skin with a ph-balanced product: its important that you use that nothing leaves a film. Also feel free to exfoliate your face twice a week. It helps dead skin to be removed.

Step 2:
-Use a toner if you insist; they come in handy when you just wanna remove excess oil , or if youre going out and have no time to wash your face. Just load up cotton pads and go for it; they will cleanse the skin surprisingly well. You need to check your toner doesnt have a residue as it will ruin your make up.

Step 3:
-Moisturize or use a primer, but remember, you dont need both. I you pile on two or three layers of cream, your make up will slide-another basic fact. Dont moisturize your eyelids and make sure your moisturizer has a sunscreen.

Eye prep:

Eyelids are one of the oiliest part s of the face. Oil is the number one killer of eye shadow. So all oil must be removed from your eyelids before applying the eye shadow. If you want greasy eyes for a photo shoot then no need to remove the oil from your lids.

Step 1:
- Cleanse your lids with a water based container. You can also use alcohol and perfume free baby wipes. Do not moisturize your eyelids afterwards.

Step 2:
-The biggest question is, do you need to apply foundation on the eye lids? The answer is, YES. absolutely every single time. Why? Because your eyelids, if you look closely to tehm, have blue and red tones or tinges. When you apply foundation, you knock out all the blue-red tones, giving you a great neutral canvas to allow your eye shadow to be true to their colour. And remember, all foundations contain a moisturizer of some kind, this is all th moisture you will need on your eyelids.

Step 3:
-Lightly powder the eyelids with translucent powder. You can do this with a cotton pad. Powder will go cakey if you have too much oil or moisture on your lids

Sunday, July 25, 2010

What do you need in that BAG of yours?!?

Now, what do you truly need in that bagof yours. Most of the time, we ladies carry around a bag full of make up we dont really need. Heres the low down of what needs to be in our bag.

Foundation: To find a shade that exactly matches your skin, test above your-pre moisturized jawline; the product should disappear straight into your skin. Then apply the foundation-aka base- with your fingers, a sponge or for preference a foundation brush, to achieve a flawless finish.

Concealer: Choose a pencil to cover spots, a liquid formula to camouflage under eye shadows, and a cream.stick wand concealer to cover dark pigmentation and bruises. Apply after your moisturizer or foundation, if wearing and blend gently with a clean concealer brush of your choice.

Blusher: For the most flattering natural look, opt for a creamy product- or even a cheek tint-in a colour that gives extra warmth and glow, rather "painted" cheeks. To blend in colour, dab the tip of a foundation brush on to the pan of colour smoothly on your cheekbones, starting from below the outer edge of the eye iris.

Mascara: Brown for blondes, black for brunettes is the rule; avoid faddy bright colours. Test by rubbing the masacara between your fingers and thumb; choose a creamy, rich, inky formula-it will make lashes look glossy. Avoid the types that dry quickly and look cakey on your fingers. They'll look the same on the lashes.

Brow Pencil- Choose a soft shade that matches your natural brow color. Apply after foundation and powder, lay as sharpened pencil flat against brows and make small strokes, applying as little pressure as possible, then brush out using a clean mascara wand.

Lip Balm:Waxy, creamy textured balms last and last; natural based fragrances taste less chemical. Apply ten minutes before lipstick. Or, for a long lastung creamy finish, apply lip pencil all over the mouth after the balm.

Lip Gloss: Look for a non sticky, sheeny product in a flatteringly natural shade. Apply to lower lips and pinch together, then use lip pencil to give fuller look.

Lip Pencil: Its helpful to have two pencils: A light natural one for day and a slightly darker one for evenings. Storing them in the fridge will help them to last longer on your lips. Sheeny, shimmery pencils have the advantage of looking subtle, and you can just sketch in the lip edge without it looking fake.

Lipstick: Opt for sheer, creamt and glistening products, rather than the dense, matt ones- they will look more youthful natural and pretty, once applied. Brush on lipstick with a lip brush and outline with pencil to even up the lips; blot, then for longer-lasting colour, re apply the lipstick

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Make up Guide..The Brushes Pt 2

Now here's a guide about what brushes and make up brush cleansers you really need in your make up kit. You dont have to get the exact brand of brushes that are displayed in here.
Brush cleanser I recommend. Now, this is what women mostly forget. You have to understand that these brushes are like your hair. They need proper care and attention. I dont want my brushes to smell like roses or to be smooth, I want them to be bacteria FREE. Now, the image that I have put above is the cleansers i recommend. I do use them and trust me they are worth the money. A good brush cleaner will clean a brush instantly and will not leave any residue. You wont find a good make up artist without a brush cleanser. Remember, you put these brushes in your face so make sure they are clean and disinfected. I clean my brushes twice a week.

Kabuki Brush. This has got to be my favourite brush. It can be either cheap or expensive. This brush is like a cotton wool. It gives the smootest finish and can be used for powder, all types of blush and bronzer, contouring and shading, and for blending eye shadow.

Mascara wand and metal comb. Mascara wands are available from all good make up outlets, but you can also use your old mascara wand (make sure you wash it 1st). Mascara wands are good to take off clumps and evenly spread out eye lashes. Its also great for eyebrows. Heres a little trick; spray the wand with a hair spray before using it on your brows and it will keep them in place. Second, metal combs are good for eye brows, it definitely shapes the brows more.

Blush brush. Most times you can use your contouring brush. You dont really need an expensive blush brush.

Contouring brush. This is very useful for contouring, which can make you look 10 years younger.

Lip Brush. Great for achieving a perfect lip line. Lip liners doesnt have to be expensive I never spend more than 100 aed on this one.

Flat foundation brush. This was the predecessor of the fibre optic brush, and it is still fantastic tool that will never date. This brush has many uses, namely for contouring, shading or high lighting using cream based products,and is particularly great for cleaning up eye- shadow fall out from underneath the eye after completing a strong smokey eyes look, for example, as sometimes the bristles of the fibre optic brush can run over the eye area and make a mess of the eye shadow.

Fibre optic foundation brush. This brush makes any foundation application look flawless, even airbrushed at times. You can use this brush with all types of foundation. The best way to use it is to either apply the foundation directly to your face and use the brush to blend. Another one is to pump the foundation into the back of your hand and pick it up from there and blend. Make sure you invest in a really good fibre optic brush as cheap brushes tend to shed after cleaning them.

Large, medium sized and small rounded eye shadow brushes.
Brushes have to be rounded to blend and move with your natural eye contours. Square brushes speak for themselves: they are square so they give hard, unblended edges.
Small sized rounded eye shadow brushes, use it when working with intense pigments,for adding socket lines, or when working close to the eyelash line. It also doubles as a great concealer brush; just make sure you clean it between uses.
*Fine tip eye liner brush- This is excellent for a fine eyeliner. To get the most value of this brush, look for a quality inexpensive one. You'd be surprise what you can find in an art supply store. I also love the the new fine felt tip eyeliners, they are just fantastic. Besides using this brush for eyeliner, its very useful for microc concealing, adding highlights or diamond dust to the inner corners of the eyes, and embedding eye shadow right into the eyelash line to ensure there are no gaps.

Make Up Guide..The Brushes

It constantly amuses me how some women can work with only one or two brush. But even a top make up artist wont be able to do make up only with one brush. For you to do the right make up, you have to have the right tools and equipment. Now heres how to choose the good quality and not necessarily expensive make up brushes

* Whenever you want to buy a make up brush, balance it on its very tip. Hold the brush vertically on the back of your hand, bristles down, and lightly bounce the brush to test the strength of the bristles. The bristles should only have a slight bend; if they splay, or flatten completely, then the brush will be too difficult to use, and the make up will go everywhere except where you want to put it.

*When you are doing detailed work such as applying eye liner or defining a brow, you need to add a little pressure with your brush as you apply it. If you have a bad brush, the slightest pressure will move the bristles from 1 mm to 5 mm. That is a huge when you are talking about eye liner.

My brushes are not all expensive and to be honest its a 50/50 ratio. I have MAC brushes/Sigma Make up/ body shop/sonia kashuk and shu uemura brushes.

-How to clean your brushes. Now, I know make up artists all have different techniques in cleaning their brushes and how they take care of it. Personally I clean my make up brushes with either a MAC brush cleaner very very good(liquid) or with olive oil and baby shampoo or anti bacterial hand soap. I also soak my brushes for an hour in a luke warm water. After, I clean my brushes and lay them down on a clean white cloth to dry.

Monday, July 12, 2010

IQQU Products.... the Best

Ok, according to my friends who has seen my bathroom, I have way too many skin care products. Well, thats just me being total vain hehe. When I was watching youtube video specifically Michelle Phan, I cam across her video about this jasmine scrub and acne serum.

Ladies, the IQQU Jasmine scrub and Acne Serum is by far the best facial remedy I have used and they are really affordable. They can ship it here in Dubai UAE after 5 days and no hassles.

I started using IQQU Jasmine scrub 2 months ago and my face is acne free and it feels so smoothe and fresh. I use make up everyday and IQQU jasmine scrub has help maintained my skin so vibrant. The IQQU acne serum is wonderful as well, helps you hydrate your face and decrease the redness of your face and really prevents you from getting acne. This is the link where you can order it from: http://iqqubeauty.com/

The Jasmine scrub smells really nice and its so nice you want to eat it. Go give it a try ;)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Make Up Guide.. The Essentials

As a part of my blog, I am going to write about what are the essentials of being a make up artist and what you need and what you don't. I have been doing research in terms of magazines, books and videos. So, I have the low down for the make up guide. Research are from Rae Morris Ultimate make up guide book and Scot Barnes Make up book and also from my own experience and research.

1st of all, what are the essentials.

*Make up Kit.

You would never see a make up artist backstage at a London fashion week with a few cotton buds and a couple of sponge tip applicators. That's because to do the right make up, you need the right make up tools. Now, lets begin with what you need for your make up kit.

  • *Brushes-- Absolutely essential. You are going to need several of these. You will see the brushes that you need on my next blog,

  • *Black Mascara-- To be used with a clean wand or comb on a stand by

  • *Two to Three eye shadows-- I know some women tend to carry alot of eyeshadows, but you can achieve alot with just two colors. When you're at a make up counter and you spot a color you love, you can do the "one wipe trick" to test the product. Take a clean finger tip, wipe over the product once, and look at the intensity. If the colour isn't as intense on your finger as it looks in the package then don't buy it-you'll be forever trying to build up that colour on your eye.

  • *Cotton pads- Use for applying powder. I prefer these because most powder brushes leave brush marks (you can also use a sponge) Powder brushes and buffs need to be cleaned so often that the maintenance becomes a hassle-cotton pads are a great replacement and the most hygienic option.

  • *Make up primer- Make up primers are basically a moisturizer that contains extra silicone and glycerin, allowing foundation to be applied a lot more evenly. If you use a make up primer don't use a moisturizer as you would be doublin up-let your make up rpimer act as your moisturizer as well.

  • *Tweezers-- Pointed tweezers are my favourite because they remover every hair in sight, and they outline the brow beautifully. However, because they are like needles, you must turn the tweezers side on, rather than directly pointing them at the brow.

  • *Inner eye white pencil- To clean up redness in the inner rim of the eye. This opens the eye and makes you look instantly younger and more awake. Make sure that it's not water proof as the inner rim is wet..
  • *Brow Pencil- now this is what a woman should always remember. Use the one that matches your brow hair colour, not what you wish it to be.
  • *Highlighters- Use the one that matches your skin tone. Stay tune for the next blog about highlight colors.
  • *Cream Blush- This is great if youre not into powder blush. It gives a more creamy, dewy finish to the cheeks, which provides a youthful look. Don't use cream blush if you have powdered foundation.
  • * Cream, liquid or gel eyeliner in black- Creams, they give you time to blend and when they dry they dont move or smudge, plus most of them are waterproof. They come in awesome shades, such as blue-black, bronze, and turquoise.
  • *Eyelash Curlers- This is the one tool I beleive every woman should have and must own. There is a simple trick in using eye lash curlers; place your lashes in the curlers, then slightly squeeze the curlers before you start, making sure there is no skin trapped, then squeeze as hard as you can for 5 to 10 seconds before releasing.
  • *Translucent Powder- Even if you hate powder, you'll need this for blending and prepping up for your eyes. Beware of any powder that has titanium dioxide (even thought its essential for sunscreen); it's completely safe for everyday use; however, it will play havoc if you're going to a special occassion where camera flash may be involved. The reason for this, is that titanium will photograph pure white, so if it's in your powder it can white your foundation by up to five shades. On the other hand, titanium has a great suncreen benefit.
  • * At least 2 foundations- These are a must, especially if you use a fake tan, and if your skin changes colour from summer to winter.
  • * Concealer- Speaks for itself; necessary for anyone with discolouration, blemishes, bags and pigmentation.
  • *Contouring cream or shadow- For shading purposes, it's not for everyone but it makes one hell of a difference.
  • *Lip gloss and Lipstick- I believe every woman should own a clear and a tinted lip gloss, a great nede shade that makes your lips bigger. a gold shimmery gloss high lighter and your signature color. Remember, lipsticks go off; you can tell by the sudden smell or taste change. And, yes, every woman can wear a red lipstick.
  • *Gold or Silver shimmer powder (pigments)- These are used to higlight the eyes, the cheeks and the lips. They give the skin a glow, and bring your make up alive. Gold is for warm-toned skins and silver is for cool toned skins.
  • *Powder blush- This is the blush to use if you have powdered your foundation-powder on powder blends. Only use powder blush if you have powdered yoru skin with translucent powder after appplying your foundation, otherwise it will have a blotchy and uneven effect. Not all powder blushes are matt.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Night out outfit

This is going to be a part of my blog. What I wear when I go out with my girls (mainly clubbing and dinner) As all of you know Im a big fan of Kim Kardashian. So, most of my clothing sense I get from her. So as you can see at the pictures above, I am wearing a one off shoulder dress from Bebe (how I love that store). I love body fitting dresses and combination colors. My pumps shoes from Aldo, earrings from forever 21 and belt from H&M.
Make up and hair done by me ;-)

Monday, July 5, 2010

KIm K & Madame Tussauds!

Well, if you ahve been following my blog, you all know that I am a big fan of Kim Kardashian and her sisters. They are just so fantabulous! Kim Kardashian made another headline when people from Madame Tussauds made her a wax model. I did love the wax model, but for some reason I think it lacked of bootylicious hehe. It is quite close to the real Kim, but I still prefer the real Kim. I love the bandage dress and her louboutin shoes!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Where have I been?

I seriously do not know when was the last time I blogged. I think it has been way too long hehe. I have been very busy with holidays, work and of course, being the party girl. I decided one time to give up blogging simply because I cant be asked having my mind to work and write. Then. a fellow blogger encouraged me to continue blogging simply because she told me that my blog is somewhat unique from others, and coming from her, it's definitely a compliment.

For my new entry this month, I will be posting more make up produts and reviews, my latest event and happening and things I am currently lusting over ;)

Thank you for all who visited my blog when I was away, I hope that I can be an inspiration to you all.