Monday, August 9, 2010

Eye Colour/Charts

What most make up artist get asked is? What colour of eyeshadow suits me? There are individual colours or colour familieswe can all wear to enhance and harmonise our natural colouring and emphasise our number one feature- our EYES! Always remeber, your eyes are the first feature anyone sees when they look at your face, followed by your lips. Here are some key points:

-These shades will really open up your eyes. You wont always find this written on the package but basically they are colors that highlight or reflect your own natural eye colour- don't worry we have worked that out for you in the colour chart (above, every make up artist should have this by the way)

-These colours, oln an artists colour wheel, are made of predominantly the opposite pigments to your own eyes, and therefore provide maximum contrast value to really brighten and illuminate your natural eye colour

-These are shades which are considered 'neutral' as they are made of varying combinations of the three primary colours, blue, red and yellow. There are warmer browns containing more yellow pigments that are suited to warmer brown, green and hazel eyes, and cooler browns contaiing more blue pigments best suited to deep brown, blue, cool green and cool hazel eyes, yet all do contain a combination of the three primary colours in their mix. Shades of brown eye shadow are universal and can be worn by anyone, any time, for a natural or sophisticated look depending on how it is applied.
-These high-shine reflective shades can be warm, cool or neutral and a little goes along way! Metallic shades will draw maximum attention to wherever they are applied (many highlighters are metallic), so if your skin is less than perfect, be aware as metallics will highlight any flaws or fine lines. Used all over, they will give a beautiful, fresh sheen for both daytime and evening.
-These are deep, vivid or bright colours used on either the upper or lower eye areas and are best applied in minimal quantities, such as fine line very close to the lash line or a corner accent on either the inner and/or outer corners, for the extra impact. Think of these as 'accessory' shades, just like a great pair of shoes, handbag or earrings to complete a look.

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