Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Eyebrows! (from Rae Morris's Book)

The chart guide for eyebrow rehab

Now, above pictures are the eyebrows you would want to achieve.

1. Everyone has different sized nostrils and noses, so your imaginary line must follow the natural line of the outer bridge of your nose. Got it? That is where your first brow hairs need to start. Then you can de-mono brow all you like on the other side of this line.

2. Now, from that bridge of line, draw another line that passes along the outer rim of your pupil and upwards. This is the highest point of any arch or height of the brow. This incline should smoothly follow the natural shape of your own brow. It's important to note that the arch isn't in the center of the brow-it is very much off-center, making the ey longer, sexier and with no surprised look.

2. Finally, again, from the bridge line draw a line to the outer corner of the eye. This is where your brow should end.

Type: the Triangle
These brows mean you're peaking too soon. By lifting the brow in the middle of the eye, you're causing a downhill puffy eyelids and distoring your eye shape. It make syour eyebrows look like arrows pointing at the sky. This is a very hard look

Type: The parting of the red sea
Wide set brows give you a blank expression and you look a lil alien-ish. In terms of features, they throw the whole face out of balance and they widen your nose like you would not believe.

Type: The Big M
The tadpole brows and the big M really doesnt have much of a difference. First, this is the opposite of sophisticated. Second, they add five kilos instantly-this is the best way to add weight (in a bad way) to your face. Third, they make your nose look bigger, and fourth they make your eyes look droopy

Type: The Tadpole brows.
Extremely unattractive. These brows do nothing for you and it just makes you look like a clown.

Type: Over plucked eyebrows.
Hairs have been tweezed to oblivion, and there's barely a brow to be seen except for a pencil line. In this type of brows, you've just aged yourself by ten years. Not to mention given yourself a puffy looking lids and a slight eye-droop

When it comes to facial features most women forget that eye brows are very important part of it. Get the shape right and you have an instant face lift effect. Get it wrong and it can cause all sort of problems. For instance, many women dont realise that their eyebrow shape can visually alter the look of their nose (for all the wrong reasons). What's more, the color of your brows can either harden your features or take years off.

Great Brows frame your eyes-they hold everything together and gove your features definition
and strength. Above are the kinds of eyebrows you do not wish to have on your face and also the eyebrows you would want to have. I am not saying I have a perfect eyebrows but they are in good shape and well maintained ;-)

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